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• What is the best way to learn biblical Hebrew?
• Where can I get help with the exegesis of the Hebrew Bible?
• What resources are available for further study of biblical Hebrew?

Job 28:12
Because biblical Hebrew is so difficult for students, Jason DeRouchie and I have written A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. You can also get A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew Workbook. Reading the grammar and doing the exercises in the Workbook, you will get a handle on how the language works. But, as in all things, the more help you can find, the better. Those who are just learning or are reviewing biblical Hebrew should check out the new podcast, A Modern Podcast for Biblical Hebrew. I hope this blog will also help you to get a grasp on the language.

Here are a few important points about this site.
  • This site is dedicated to biblical Hebrew and not to modern Hebrew, to politics, to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or to theological discussion. Theology will occasionally be touched upon when dealing with the interpretation of the Hebrew of a text. But the Hebrew text and its meaning will always be front and center.
  • When discussing Hebrew, I use Hebrew letters, not Roman letters. Transliteration is rarely used but if used, it will be done with a simplified system. Transliteration will not represent the Hebrew scientifically.
  • An important consideration is that you need to be able to read the Hebrew letters. Unfortunately, it is still hard to display Hebrew on web pages with consistency across the multitude of browsers and platforms that readers will use. Therefore, text with Hebrew will usually be displayed in a format that is more like a photograph than like text. I have found that this gives the best results. Text will blur if you enlarge the display on your browser too much.